Dos/Don’t while preparing for exam

One of the most stress full phase in the life of a candidate is the time when he/she prepares for the Competition

Here are some points which will definitely help you to reach your goal.

SSC CGL Dos and Don't

ü Never pay heed to unnecessary advice
ü Leave the circle of negative personalities
ü Never stick to other’s time table Rather make your own timetable according to your need and comfort level.
ü Don’t imitate others in terms of timing of study ,everyone has his own comfort time zone
ü Never collect too much of study material
ü Rely upon the limited but authentic resources
ü Rumors must not be paid heed towards
ü Always be optimistic and never get demoralized with the petty things like no’s of vacancies etc. .always keep in mind that you need only one vacancy
ü Be psychologically strong

ü Some haters tries to distract in this stressful time by negative comments ,so be cautious and give them a tight slap with your performance in the exam
ü And of course the most important one is to keep faith in almighty as the almighty never keep someone hard work with him and always pays you whatever you have done .

These are some of the noteworthy point which have come out from a discourse with some already selected candidates and they can better explain how to handle this time period. Thought strategy differs from person to person but still these points are noteworthy.

So Guys just chill, take a long breathe start preparing, the time is moving and keep visiting for latest updates. All the best.

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