Handle G.S section in the SSC Preliminary Exam

How to handle the G.S section in the preliminary Exam

Though General studies weigh around only 50 marks and only in the preliminary exam but still it is the most important part as it make a big difference in the marks of the candidate. It is normally believed that any Tom, Dick and Harry can handle the other three section but General Studies is not his/her cup of tea and the person having good knowledge base can mark the correct answer in G S section too and ultimately making a edge over other . So we are going the discuss the authentic source of the General Studies Section which could be followed for scoring good marks and also to build up a strong base in the General Studies Section

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Here a booklist which must be followed for the foundation.

One must start with the NCERT books from class ix to xii of all the subjects as that is the base of the whole G S section

History :-

ü India’s Struggle for Independence By Rajeev Ahir
ü NCERT on History
ü For ancient history no need to purchase any book but the selected topic can be prepared as question generally come from only those few topics like Jainism and Buddhism, Indus Valley civilization
ü For SSC CGL Exam NCERT are more than sufficient to dealt with the geography section
Economy :-
                                      Indian Economy By Ramesh Singh is the best buy for economy as it is just like notes and any one can clear all the concepts about the economics no matter what background he/she is from.
          India Polity :-
                   India Polity By Lakshmi Kant is a ready made compilation of the notes for political section in the lucid language
          Current Affairs:-
          Though as the name suggest  there can be no ready made reference of the current affairs but still some basic approach could be adopted to brush up the current affairs.
ü Read Newspaper daily , No need to read line to line but some important article could be read and points could be noted
ü Any English Newspaper can be followed , no need to panic if The Hindu is not circulating in your Home Town
ü It is a Daily Exercise which must not be skiped
ü Some Magzines like Partiyogita Darpan are also good if could be read
So Guys By following this strategy from the above mentioned booklist ,one can expect around 40 marks in the G S section and one can make a difference in the pre marks over others. The time is moving, speed is required , so just work hard and make a grade this time .

Thanks Naveen Bhardwaj for your contribution. We really appreciate that.

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