Is SSC all set to go for online mode of examination

SSC CGL Online

Staff Selection commission conducts combined graduate level examination (CGL Exam) for selection of candidates for various examination in different central government department . Hitherto ssc conducts the examination in offline mode but ssc was hunted by a large scale malpractice by the candidates due to various loopholes in the system, so to plug in the loopholes and to do away with all the lacunas in the system, ssc has tried various methodology like jammer inside examination hall, video graphy of candidates , strict adhering to timings but still news of malpractice was aired by some local tv channels and printed in some newspaper . So to keep the reputation, ssc  is trying to harness the technology which the banking sector is already using for selection of candidates to various job profile.

Now Ssc has taken a very bold decision to conduct the cpo examination online ,so speculation are being made that in line with the decision taken for the cpo examination ssc may use the same method in combined graduate examination 2016 as well.

Though Ssc has not clarified it for cgl but various committees has already recommended ssc to go for online mode for conducting all exam for selection to various job. Last Year the committees under the chairmanship of UPSC member I.M.G. Khan recommend the ssc for making cgl and cpo online without delay and Dopt also took note of it and asked for comments on the recommendation within 10 days But ssc has not implemented those recommendation yet. It is still under suspense whether ssc will go for online mode for ssc cgl or not . But seeing the attitude of the present government one can expect the change in the conventional methodology, as our prime minister is technology lover and want to eradicate the corruption while using the technology up to the fullest.

Lakhs of candidates are eagerly waiting for the clarification as there fate will be decided by the ssc decision as one need at least some time to get familiar with the new mode and candidates from rural background don’t found themselves at ease with the online mode. Also the infrastructure for online mode will be very expensive in comparison to the offline mode, so ssc will take any decision while considering all these factor.

But Guys any decision of ssc can not decide your fate , it is the you who will decide your own fate ,so prepare well , practice well , and all mode will be easy to handle .

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