Job Profile of Tax Assistant CBDT Income Tax

Job Profile of Tax Assistant
Tax Assistant in CBDT is one of the most sought after job profile in the Non Interview category due to the social reputation of the Department .Thought SSC has done away with the interview procedure from the 2016 onwards so for those candidate scores little less , this profile remain the most lucrative one. Now let’s go through the actual job profile of the Tax Assistant

Basically the Tax Assistant can be given two kind of work, either in Assessment or in Non Assessment.

If A candidate is given the Assessment kind of work which is the real nature of the Department, then he has to work in the Range office, circles or in Wards which is a normal distribution of the area in the vocabulary of income Tax Department or if a candidate is given Non Assessment kind of work he may have to perform the duties like in the office of Pr.CIT or in Establishment department where he has  do some filing related work .

Now the routine transfer of the candidate within the office from one range to other, from one ward to other is a normal action, so stagnation in the life will never come and charm of the new exposure will continue throughout life.

In Assessment profile the main task remain to collect data and assist the income tax officer in the collection, recovery, scrutiny of cases and of course the adventurous work of raid also.

In Non assessment the routine work is more of less similar to the clerical work
As far as the extra income is concerned , now a days there is very much less scope for that as everything is online and there is transparency and accountability at every point. Which  is a good change.

Now the question arises at which number this choice must be filled, Though perception of everyone is different and everyone have different choice but it must be put above auditor and accountant no matter if the grade pay of these two profile is 2800 and Grade pay of Tax assistant is 2400 but overall the job profile and other condition of this job is much better than that of other non interview post.

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